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Whilst putting a new twist on the hip hop genre, we’d say that Maggie’s sound is somewhere between pop and R&B. It“s a perfect combination and follows in the success of Jhené Aiko who we’d say is quite similar in ways. Oct 10 2014Refreshingly unique, harnessing the future RnB sound and delivering an artist who’s lyrics tell of passions and experience beyond her 19-years. Sept 2 2014Pulling on all the extraterrestrial synths that shoot her beyond the stars, Maggie Gabbard twists in her own pop-perfected vocals with touches of middle-eastern melodies, all mixing together for one massive hit. It’s a burner that throws ash into the air and ignites everything around it. Watch as Maggie lights up the sky with her star power in this track below. Aug.18 2014The force is strong here… the force being power vocals mixed with an unexpected, totally appreciated, trap beat. We can get down to this. You probably can too. Freakin’ infectious. -Sept2014wow wow wow wow wow wow wow


Meghan’s Music Monday Sept 17 2014The real stand out track here hands down is “The Reason Is Here” which could be compared to SZA and her trademark cryptically romantic pop. Effortlessly carrying her vocals across a atmospheric hip hop beat, I can hear this being sampled on remixes shortly down the line.


Unrecorded(UK) Sept 2 2014Gabbard’s new CD shows a talented artist whose music is a blend of hip-hop, EDM and soul. It is a refreshing break from so much of the new music that is just “cookie cutter” material.


Times of Chester County Aug. 12 2014In the studio with the uber talented Maggie Gabbard. She’s one to watch.


Ivan Barias (Grammy Winning Producer, The Recording Academy Philadelphia Chapter President)When I first heard Maggie I was instantly drawn to her! She has a natural gift and I have no doubt she has what it takes to be a true star and authentic artist. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with her.


Charlotte Sometimes (NBC’s The Voice)Maggie Gabbard is without a doubt one of the best raw talents that I’ve seen in over a decade. I’m looking forward to hearing much more!


Tony Reyes (Songwriter) Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Meiko etc.The only thing missing from the top music charts these days is Maggie Gabbard. This girl’s gonna go far!


Joe and Alex (The Edge)We’re astounded by the talent Maggie has and her ability to write the kind of songs that she does. We feel she has a long career ahead of her!


Bill Stuart (CEO The Magazine, Kairos Transmedia)From the first time we worked with her, we saw the spark of a future star. Can’t wait to see where her passion and diligence take her!


Gable Music VenturesMaggie is a great emerging young talent in the Delaware music scene. She has a distinctive and memorable voice, with catchy songs that are pop-accessible but with lots of soul and sincerity.


Mark Rogers (WSTW Hometown Heroes)